Dynamic Mail Communications

   with Kadena

Kadena transforms outdated mail programs into dynamic one-to-one marketing campaigns.

With Kadena, you can design, optimize and execute your mail program to maximize response rates. Pre-clean contact lists. Customize your messages. And review powerful analytics to gauge program effectiveness. You'll not only optimize your marketing campaigns, you'll elevate your brand.



Activate. Track.

K-Center acts as a comprehensive portal to access all Kadena applications and as a central data hub. Through K-Center, you'll activate and track the production and delivery of your mail programs with near real-time information flows.


Design. Customize.

Powerful, personalized direct mail campaigns with as many templates and as many variable data sets as you need. Store customizable templates centrally. Design for variable data elements such as names, dates, promotional terms-or let Cenveo to it for you. The choice is yours.


Analyze. Know.

With K-Insight, you'll access a powerful data analytics capability - empowering you to monitor program effectiveness, spot trends, correlate patterns across campaigns, and achieve new levels of program performance over time.


Target. Optimize.

The platform's K-List module scrubs your mailing lists for CASS, NCOA, and redundancies, ensuring your mail reaches only its intended audience. Kadena even alerts you when your list has been processed, so you're free to handle other tasks in the meantime.